Friends of Roan Mountain

Friends of Roan Mountain fosters greater awareness and understanding of the natural, historical, and cultural significance of Roan Mountain. Friends of Roan offers naturalists rallies throughout the year and works with Roan Mountain State Park and the Forest Service on numerous projects.

Winter Rally

Due to Covid-19, the Conference Center programs and trips will not be offered. Instead, the following Zoom program will be available at 1 pm on February 13. Click the button below to participate.

Winter in the Mountains: A Life History of Wildlife in the “Southern Northwoods”

How do salamanders escape the dangerous mountain frost? How do different types of snow change bobcat behavior? Join naturalist Cade Campbell for a family-friendly Zoom interactive discussion about the amazing strategies plants, animals, and fungi use to survive harsh winters across the Roan Highlands, under the frigid water of the Doe River, and everywhere in between. Using Cade’s photos from the Southern Appalachians, and data from a variety of studies on winter wildlife, we will take a journey through cyberspace into the life history of the mountain’s biodiverse forest denizens and learn who they are, what they’re doing, and how to find them.

In addition to rallies, the Friends of Roan Mountain provides volunteer labor and grants to support Roan Mountain State Park and the U. S. Forest Service in their naturalist and environmental missions, as well as scientific studies and conservation and restoration projects on the Roan.  

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Video on our projects

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The Friends of Roan Mountain, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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