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The purpose of Friends of Roan Mountain, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, is to foster greater awareness and understanding of the natural, historical, and cultural significance of Roan Mountain. Members support the organization's interpretive and educational programs and activities which are designed to accommodate a wide range of interests. Membership is open to amateur naturalists, scientists, agency personnel, teachers, students, or anyone who has an interest in and love for the Roan.

The Friends of Roan Mountain sponsors rallies during four weekends each year.  The Spring Naturalists' Rally is the last full weekend in April.  The Youth Naturalists' Rally (Xtreme Roan Adventures) is the last weekend in July.   The Fall Naturalists' Rally is the weekend in September that follows Labor Day.  The Winter Rally falls on a Saturday in mid-February.

The Friends of Roan Mountain also supports Roan Mountain State Park and the U. S. Forest Service in their naturalist and environmental missions, as well as scientific studies and conservation and restoration projects on the Roan.

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